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Normally, this means that interracial or multicultural couples have a unique need to bend, flex, compromise, and accommodate to one another’s contrasting ways of looking at life. This is especially true if a husband and wife grew up in different parts of the world. Different cultures have different traditions and customs, eat different types of food, speak separate languages or dialects or embrace different ideas of behavior.

Below, see how 17 couples incorporated cultural Hot Eastern European women traditions into their own fusion weddings to honor their families’ heritage and each other. While you may hail from a different culture than these married couples, these real-life examples of multicultural fusion weddings are sure to inspire you.

But potential obstacles need to be clearly identified and frankly addressed before moving ahead. Ready to begin marriage counseling, couples therapy, or relationship coaching with Growing Self? Start by scheduling a free consultation meeting with the expert of your choice. We offerDenver couples therapy and Denver marriage counselingas well as online couples therapy. We are determined to continue to maintain and develop our healthy relationship as a young multicultural couple . Hence, I have gathered some of our experiences and hope to share them with all the young couples out there. Hopefully, these tips can be helpful in order for you to develop a healthier relationship with your loved ones.

  • There is going to be a lot of talking in therapy – but with insight, reflection, and purpose – so that you can connect the many dots of your life.
  • Now that I explained better, let’s begin with the challenges that every multicultural couple faces.
  • Having family members who are against your multicultural relationship is immensely challenging, and oftentimes, threatening to your identity and having a sense of community.
  • Gender roles may not be something you cared about while dating, but now that you’re married and family opinions are involved, your roles may shift.
  • These findings underline the hypothesis that infertility is also socially constructed and that its meaning is shaped e.g. by gender ideology, importance of parenthood, treatment options, social policy and cultural stereotypes .

There were a lot of frustrations and struggles that most people go through who move from the West to the East. I’m fortunate enough to have been to almost every continent, and my early relationships helped feed that travel bug dream.

“Every part of a wedding can be infused with culture.”

I feel like this can be one of the biggest challenges for a multicultural couple. You want your child to feel that they can come to you for support, but not to feel pressured or intimidated. Answer their questions directly and don’t forget to validate their feelings whenever you can. Your partner is probably the best person to offer you solace from these external stressors.

Challenges Every Multicultural Couple Faces

Most traditional couple therapy models are based on the Eurocentric, middle-class value system and are not effective for today’s psychotherapists working in multicultural settings. Multicultural Couple Therapy is the first “hands-on” guide for integrating couple therapy with culture, race, ethnic identity, socioeconomic status, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, and immigration experiences. The therapists at our Los Angeles and New York City-based counseling center are skilled in many areas. Further, they address issues like anxiety, postpartum therapy, and trauma and PTSD.

When To Get Marriage Counseling?

If you’re struggling with what to do when your kids refuse to speak the home language, you’re not alone. Join us for a free webinar replay where we’ll discuss strategies for getting your kids to engagement with the home language. With divorce rates at an all time high, it’s easy to get discouraged when things aren’t going right in your marriage. Examining & eliminating a few bad habits is the key to getting your marriage back on track. needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. But for our family these are manageable, and we don’t get easily offended. I was in my 20’s, and like most American women, I highly valued my independence and desired for people to respect me and my opinion.

For the reception, they kicked off the party with a cocktail hour that revolved around Kiara’s Cuban and Bahamian background. We had a cigar bar and cigar rollers, island cocktails, and a photo booth with island props.

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